About Tropical Aquatics

Tropical Aquatics is a family business dedicated to the importation and breeding of tropical fish and plants. We decided to open this shop since we have a great love for fish and their well being. We also stock everything needed to set up your home or office aquarium. At Tropical Aquatics you can find over 70 aquariums set up to the latest specifics having a large variety of tropical fish. Our shop’s aim is to offer quality fish, top quality plants and aquarium products at great prices, also having a large variety of aquariums. We take great care to insure that our standards are above and beyond that of our competitors. Tropical Aquatics is a retailer to personal clients and distributor to other shops.

Being dedicated and caring individuals we go one step further to make sure our fish are healthy, thus once we receive a new consignment of fish we close the shop for that particular afternoon allowing the fish to settle down after their journey, enabling us to make sure that we are selling healthy fish. This ensures that our customers are happy with their purchase and will be eager to shop again.

We are always happy to assist you with all your fishes needs. From the simplest to the complicated questions we are always prepared to help. We can design the custom tank you have always wanted or simply help you to choose the right fish food.

Tropical Aquatics offers everything a fish could want and more. Come into our shop and see to yourself the great selection of fish, plants and equipment.

We stock:

  • Tropical Fish
  • Aquatic Plants
  • Pumps, lights, filters, ornaments, water treatment, test kits
  • Aquariums
  • A full range of fish food including frozen food
  • 3D Backgrounds
  • And much more

Our Location

Tropical Aquatics, Independence Avenue, Mosta

Images Of Our Workplace